What We Do

  • Pumping

    Al Awtaan Trading Co. established in 1981 with its core business in pumping solutions. Al Aweer works with international companies that supply pumping systems for different applications and industries. Al Aweer delivers its customers pumping solutions to efficiently move water to the desired location. Al Aweer have pumps for multiple purposes including borehole, submersible, horizontal and vertical multistage, dewatering and wastewater.

  • Storage

    Al Awtaan distributes Sheet Molding Sheet (SMC) water tanks that are eco clean and friendly. Al Aweer partners supply SMC water tanks that have external reinforcements, with rectangular and circular edged shaped options. With facilities that are WRAS, ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified, our partners offer the best quality to build and assemble your water tanks, to ensure that the storage of your water is contained hygenically and effectively.

  • Heating

    Al Awtaan in partnership with DAB has the latest technology in circulating pumps for heating and air conditioning systems. The Evoplus range of circulators is used to circulate water in solar and electrical heating systems for sanitary and drinking water. The Evoplus circulators provide up to a 70% saving in energy by comparison to traditional circulators.

  • Treatment

    Al Awtaan solutions include; wastewater treatment applications submersible and dry drainage pumps for both domestic and commercial applications. Al Aweer provides solutions for water treatment plants and pumping stations to enable pumping and the treatment of water through its partner DAB Water Technology.

  • Servicing

    Al Awtaan products are supported by a proven and extensive commitment to servicing, with a workshop and warehouse teams dedicated to providing a top quality service that exceeds international production and servicing standards. With complete sales and after-sales service teams that are equipped with extensive knowledge, spare parts kits, service manuals, installation guides and tools to ensures that your servicing requirements are met with the best care and professionalism.

  • Retail & Wholesale Operations

    Al Awtaan has strong market coverage through its retail and wholesale operations, serving the United Arab Emirates water technology market. Our showrooms are equipped to fulfill your water technology needs from pumps, heaters, storage tanks, treatment products and servicing support for all the above.

  • Project Management

    Al Awtaan project sales team delivers high-end solutions to both the private and public sectors through; meeting client specifications, delivering on project requirements and providing effective water management solutions. Al Awtaan project sales are a strong technical, engineering and commercial team with support staff who provide the right advice to solve your water needs.

  • End to End Solution Provider

    Al Awtaan provides water solutions for its customers through the multiple stages of a project; from the planning, design, engineering, commercial, delivery, installation, maintenance and after-sales service of all that connects water.

  • System Assembly

    Al Awtaan assembles complete pump sets that serve the residential and commercial building services sectors. Our system assembly team builds customized solutions, made to satisfy the most difficult project demands.

  • Warehouse, Stocks and Spare Parts

    Al Awtaan maintains a comprehensive range of stock and spare parts in order to ensure that it can serve its customers on time and provide a consistently reliable and timely service. The stock and spare parts are available throughout our retail and wholesale outlets and are controlled through a central warehouse to ensure stock replenishment and availability for our customers.