• Water Pumping

    We offer a range of products for the supply of water to your home and business. Al Awtaan provides pumps and systems for the distribution and raw intake from subsurface wells, surface water and all other sources of clean, gray and wastewater.
  • Water Lift and Distribution

    Al Awtaan helps support the agricultural and irrigation markets, through lifting and distributing water to farm crops. Al Awtaan submersible pumps lift water from deep wells and reservoirs and bring to surface the water to enable farmers distribute the water to the farms. Also, Al Awtaan partners pumps help support lifting water from Municipal pipeline to the high rise buildings, villas, offices and all sorts of buildings that allows, water to be easily accessible for people who are residing in high rise buildings.
  • Water Transport and Treatment

    The safe and reliable management of wastewater and the complications it can cause, are critical in every community. Through our partners, we provide a complete range of pumps and other products to support complex operations, including stormwater, sewage drainage systems and pumping wastewater into treatment plants.
  • Dewatering

    Whether digging deep down or dealing with torrential downpours, water is sometimes where it isn’t needed. To remove water from construction, excavation sites, mines, quarries, tunneling or other industrial projects, Al Awtaan supplies dewatering pumps that ensure that water is removed from any unneeded location.
  • Hot and Cold Water Circulation

    Al Awtaan products includes efficient pumps, boosters, circulators, control panels, solar water heaters, electrical water heaters that helps the efficient circulation of hot and cold water. The circulation of hot water, allows the delivery of hot water from the water heater through the pipeline to the shower or water tab.